Matilda comes to Chicago

By Dawnette Chambers

Staff Reporter

Jennifer Blood

Jennifer Blood (Miss Honey) talks about the national tour of Matilda the Musical. 

“Matilda,” first a book, then movie and now the musical adapted from author Roald Dahl’s story about a very intelligent girl with a difficult life. The musical adaptation was produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company and The Dodgers. Broadway in Chicago is bringing nostalgia back with “Matilda the Musical.”

For those who grew up in the early to mid 90s, “Matilda” was a film where audiences were led to believe that anything is possible. Jennifer Blood, the actress playing Miss Honey sheds light on the tour. This is the first time the national tour is coming to Chicago and the cast has been traveling to several cities all over the world for the last year.

Blood, is excited to come back to Chicago and reconnect with some friends she met within the awesome theater community. During the three-week run of this production in Chicago, the hope is for audiences to walk away each night with a new desire to stand up for what is right.

For students struggling with families that do not understand you or treat you well, “Matilda” teaches that there are people in the world you can make your people. Blood advises to “Never stop being or becoming your best self.”

“Matilda the Musical” has won 50 international awards, including  four Tony Awards. However, do not take the word of critics, go out and see what the power of living your dreams can do. Tickets are currently on sale and “Matilda the Musical” will play at Chicago’s Oriental Theatre starting March 22-April 10, 2016.

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