Stephen King mini-series is a thrilling look into the past

By Rachel Popa

Staff Reporter

Stephen King

The Stephen King novel “11/22/63” has recently been turned into a Hulu series. Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Sdobie

While a mini-series about a time-traveling English teacher sounds a little farfetched as a concept, the television series adaptation of Stephen King’s “11.22.63” does not disappoint.

In “11.22.63,” Jake Epping, an English teacher from Maine, is tasked with preventing the titular concept of the show: President Kennedy’s assassination. When Epping travels to the past to attempt to fulfill his task, the past “fights back” with a host of unsettling characters and situations telling Epping, “You shouldn’t be here.” Every step of the way, Epping must defy history in order to change it.

“11.22.63” is as emotionally jarring as it is visually stunning. The classic American vibe of the 1960s is colorfully brought to life on-screen through the use of historically accurate cars, clothing and music. For anyone who loves the style and the history of the 1960s, “11.22.63” is a must-watch. Aside from the way it looks, “11.22.63” is a gripping story about a race against time and fate.

The main question that the show poses is: “What if?”

What if Kennedy had never been assassinated? Would the Vietnam war be prevented as a result? What about the countless other lives that could have been saved besides Kennedy’s? Beneath the surface, Epping’s quest is about so much more than changing American history as we know it; it’s about changing the world too.

five out of five torches

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