Peer Mentors host Peace & Love Fest


By: Alyson Jurgovan

Staff Reporter

Peer Mentors

Students feasted while socializing at Peace & Love Fest in the Academic success Center. Photo Courtesy: Alyson Jurgovan

         RU Peer Mentors from the Academic Success Center hosted the second annual Peace & Love Fest for Roosevelt students on Feb.17. The spirited gathering was 1960s themed and encouraged attendees to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a friendly environment.

        “We were trying to do a Valentine’s Day celebration that wasn’t chincy and super lame. We just wanted to have food and music and relax,” said Kurt Witteman, head mentor of the program.

        The party boasted a large buffet, sponsored by SAFAC. Students snacked on macaroni, sandwiches and desserts while listening to popular hits from the 1960s. Streamers hung from the ceiling over a table covered in temporary tattoos for guests to take. Guests enjoying lemonade and popcorn laughed and hung out at the friendly affair.  

        “Our goal is to make this a place that you can come to and be with your friends,” said Lupita Carrasquillo, a peer mentor. “Usually Valentine’s Day is romantic and meant for you and your partner, but here we like to emphasize the friendships and love that we have for each other in that way.”  

        In one corner, students and mentors crafted homemade crowns out of an array of colorful flowers. Near the front of the room, another student strummed songs on his guitar.

        Event planner and peer mentor, Luz Magdaleno, explained that her goal in planning Peace & Love fest was to give students a safe space to come together and celebrate the holiday.

        “The coolest thing is that it’s so many groups of students. We have athletes, we have musical theatre, we have mentors and mentees and they all come together,” said Dani Smith, Assistant Director of the Academic Success Center.

        The Peer Mentors and Academic Success Center provided an open space for the Roosevelt community to hang out in a positive way. There was even a prize for the best 1960s themed costume.


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