New Hampshire gives grassroots politicians hope

By David Villegas

Contributing reporter


Both Sanders and Trump were victorious in New Hampshire. Photo Credit:

In the second primary of the 2016 general election, two candidates who were unexpected to win have done so in what is a shock to a majority of Americans. So then comes the question: How did these underrated politicians manage to pull up an upset in New Hampshire?

Since the 2010 Supreme Court case, Citizens United v. FEC, corporations and unions that are political have been able to pour large amounts of money into candidate’s campaign funds, which usually end up winning the election for the position they were running for.

But in this case, both Donald Trump for the Republicans and Bernie Sanders for the Democrats won in New Hampshire.

An article from The Guardian by columnist Richard Wolfe discusses on how the anti-establishment candidates came up on top.

“But on Tuesday night they delivered what might just be the most independent verdict in the history of the first-in-the-nation primary: by picking Trump and Sanders as their nominees, New Hampshire told the political establishment they need to change or die,” Wolfe writes.

A large number of voters in this country feel that politics have gotten more extreme. Voters feel that politicians are not answering the issues that affect them but only a handful of people.

Since Congress has been comprised of a majority of Republicans after 2010, a lot of laws that were made to help common people have been voted down or did not make it for a vote. The Republican side of Congress has mainly been occupied with doing whatever they can to make Obama’s presidency a failure, even if they fail numerous times.

But since Bernie won on the Democratic side in New Hampshire, it shows that even the Democratic Party is not safe. The young voters are the main supporters of Sanders, which they showed in this primary. This showed that if we can gather for a common cause, we can achieve anything no matter the obstacles.  

All it takes is for some people to show that they can challenge the “status quo.”

Yet it should not stop here.

The existence of two anti-establishment candidates running for office should be a reason for encouraging us to get more politically – involved even if it makes the naysayers uncomfortable.

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