Men’s track looks for positive progress

By Joshua M. Hicks

Staff Reporter

Men's track

Troy Harness competes at an indoor meet. Photo Courtesy: Dan Lim

The Roosevelt Lakers indoor and outdoor track and field team is looking to make improvements as they’ve recently started their 2015-16 season.

Head coach Aaron King discussed the preparation approach that he took in training his athletes this season.

“To prepare, our runners have been training all winter for indoor and outdoor track,” King said. “As a coach, I prepare each season by creating a weekly mileage/training plan for each individual athlete. This allows our runners to have individualized training to fit their needs and event.”

King also mentioned his reasoning behind the intense workout schedule.

“Putting in those harsh, freezing winter runs are tough but it will all pay off when [personal records] are being set,” King said.

According to Roosevelt Athletics, there are only two men on the track and field roster.

Junior runner Troy Harness combined his personal workouts with King’s, and with all the work he is putting in, he is hoping to achieve his personal goals.

“We have a hurdler and we have a long distance runner, which is me,” Harness said. “My coach right now is just focusing on me getting past my personal best times in indoor track. Right now we are trying to get me to my best time for the mile event, which is 4:59.9.”

Harness also discussed how important it is for he and his teammates not to just workout, but maintain a healthy diet throughout training and the season.

King talked about the importance of chemistry between his athletes, and how it contributes to the success that his team is working toward.

“Chemistry is everything for our team,” King said. “We believe in team training and racing. We group athletes by times/pace to work off each other and to be more successful as a group rather than just an individual.”

Harness agrees with King.

“The importance of team chemistry is very important,” Harness said. “Every athlete can tell you that it feels awesome when you succeed with your teammates. It’s great to have that little teammate competitiveness that keeps you wanting to get better.”

According to King, the team’s key component to success this season is off-season training.

“Athletes that put in the time and miles over the summer come into the season fit and ready to hit fast times,” King said. “We do not have to waste time getting athletes in shape and can hit the ground running.”

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