Voter registration on campus seeks to help students

By Alyson Jurgovan

Staff Reporter

Voter registration

League of Women Voters set up a booth in Fainman Lounge to invite students to register to vote. Photo Courtesy: Alyson Jurgovan

The League of Women Voters partnered with Israel Vargas, Director of Community Engagement, in encouraging Roosevelt students to register to vote for the upcoming primary election.

        On Feb. 3 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Fainman Lounge, Loretta Lomax and Susan Garza of the League of Women Voters set up a voter’s registration booth for those who had not yet registered. The women reached out to students passing through the Auditorium Building and promoted the simple, online registration process.

        “We specifically want to target the young people. Right now, when you are seventeen, you can register to vote and it is really important that young people participate in the voting system to let their voice be heard,” said Lomax.

        The event made it simple for those unaware of when and how to register to vote. Students could simply stop by and be registered within minutes.

Garza was there to guide students through the registration steps.

“Just pay attention as you are going through the process and I think it’s pretty easy,” she said.

The process only takes about three to five minutes. All students need is a driver’s license or state ID to complete the steps at the Board of Election Commissioners for the City of Chicago’s website.       

The event was a prime example of Roosevelt University’s mission of social justice and social change, according to Vargas.

“We try to engage our student body to show them different types of civic engagement activities that they need to not only be educated on, but in part of being an adult,” Vargas said. The event, while small, is representative of what we strive for as a community.”

The outreach from the university encourages each student to be the small change that affects the greater outcome.

“Bringing that here to the university just enriches the experience of our students. Overall, it’s all within the social justice mission that we live, we breathe and will continue to do for times on end,” said Vargas.

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