Down-to-earth lessons from a martian

Dawnette Chambers

Copy Editor

Down to earth

New York actor and comedian Josh Hyman in Chicago for Men are from Mars-Women are from Venus LIVE! 

Date nights are in full effect, as February is the season for “love” (or lust). Either way, men and women have been catering to each other for years and sometimes have no clue how to connect with the other. But have no fear – Josh Hyman is in Chicago for two weeks to make singles and couples alike laugh until they cry.

“Men Are From Mars-Women Are From Venus LIVE!” is a one-man mashup of stand-up comedy and theatre based on its namesake, a #1 best selling book by John Gray from the early 90s.

The show covers several topics from dating to marriage to the bedroom. It is full of hilarious vignettes that actually reflect how men and women are different and ways that we can communicate effectively with each other in relationships.

After beginning in Paris in 2007, “Men Are From Mars-Women Are From Venus” has been seen by more than one million people around Europe. It debuted in the United States in February 2013 in North Carolina, and will be playing to audiences around the United States and Canada throughout 2016.

Hyman proves to be up to the challenge of bringing hearted comedy to real life situations through lessons that have been an aid to his own relationship with his wife. Hyman joins the show for its return to Chicago.  

This is Hyman’s first time in Chicago, and he is thrilled to be apart of this Off-Broadway hit. However, this isn’t his first rodeo.

Hyman is a New York City-based actor, comedian and writer. He has a bachelor’s degree in communication from SUNY Buffalo, studied acting at the Atlantic Acting School and performs standup and improv comedy on stages all around New York City.

Hyman is also an original cast member of the Off-Broadway smash-hit “Drunk Shakespeare,” and has appeared on HBO’s “The Deuce,” CBS’ “Blue Bloods” and Nick Jr.’s “Team Umizoomi.”  

Hyman approaches his performances with wit and an authentic touch that makes one believe the lessons illustrated through his hilarious reminiscing.

Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus, that may be true. However, the live show tells of ways we could all have better relationships with each other here on Earth.

The performances are held at the Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place until Feb. 21.

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