“Chelsea Does” pushes boundaries as new series

By Quinton R. Arthur

Staff Reporter

Chelsea Handler has had an extensive career in comedy, starring in standup, television shows, movies and talk shows. She is recognized for her wit and candor, being able to relate to a variety of people.

Her new show, “Chelsea Does,” premiered on Netflix in January.

In each episode, the title of the show is used, followed by the topic at hand. Handler discusses different topics and experiences with friends, family and a psychologist.

The show features appearances from other public figures such as Khloe Kardashian, Al Sharpton and a number of other comedians.

Some content of the show is eye opening, such as the episode of her tackling the issue of racism in comedy.

Handler is well-known for pushing the boundaries in her comedy, like in the episode, “Chelsea Does Drugs,” which features the comedienne partaking in a variety of drugs and speaking to former addicts about their experiences.

If you are a fan of Handler, the show is worth a watch, and even if you aren’t, with just four episodes on Netflix so far, you can learn about a variety of things just based on her interactions.

Though the topics vary, viewers are sure to learn much about Chelsea and her thoughts.

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