RU aims to simplify login for university systems

By Alyson Jurgovan

Staff Reporter

        The new Net ID simplified login system gives students access to three major Roosevelt University systems without having to remember multiple login usernames and passwords. Students can now access Blackboard, RU Access and their Roosevelt e-mail accounts with the same login information after one password change.

        Bonnie Johnson, Director of Information Security and Identity Management, has implemented the strategy to improve student user experience.

“The number one priority is to make it easier for students and employees to get to the information that they need on a regular basis and to increase security over that sensitive information,” Johnson said.

        What may seem like an annoying change at first is actually beneficial to the students in the long run, in terms of getting connected with their personal information in a timely and safe manner.

        Students can simply go to and enroll their new Net ID. In a three to five minute process, their information is updated and ready to go. From there, students can use one username and password to get into all of their systems with greater security than before.  

The system took effect Feb. 4, students  from now on will be asked for their Net ID and password. Essentially, the change will quickly benefit anyone who uses any of these Roosevelt systems, according to Johnson.

“We want you to focus on your classes and learning; not how to find information that you use regularly to do that,” Johnson said.

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