Portman’s latest flick is disappointing for women in film

By Rachel Popa

Staff Reporter

Jane Got a Gun dissappointing for women in film.tiff

“Jane Got a Gun” did not take enough risks to be considered memorable. Photo courtesy of Facebook 

Western-style films are a classic and iconic Hollywood genre, meaning that one has to be really special for it to stand out. While “Jane Got a Gun” is certainly unique due to the fact that it has a female main character, the concept was not fully fleshed out in order to live up to its true potential.

“Jane Got a Gun” follows the tragic story of Jane Hammond, the wife of Bill Hammond, an outlaw who has a mob out to kill him. Jane must ask her ex-fiance for his help in defending her home from the mob, thus beginning the problems with the film’s plot.

“Jane Got a Gun” was certainly intended to be a more feminist film, but Jane’s character was never allowed to shine on her own. It was only with the help from men that the plot was able to move forward. The audience never really gets to know Jane as a character, besides the fact that she’s caught up in an awkward love triangle.

However, one theme of “Jane Got a Gun” that was positive was the aspect of getting both sides of the story. While the men in Jane’s life are concerned with how things have gone wrong in the past, Jane urges them to understand her struggles as well.

Overall, “Jane Got a Gun” was a decent Western-style film that didn’t push too many boundaries. While the film was enjoyable to watch, it felt like a huge missed opportunity for women in film.


three out of five torches

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