Chicago baseball tops pitching list for upcoming season

By Joshua M. Hicks

Staff Reporter

Baseball this offseason has been exciting for the city of Chicago, as the White Sox and Cubs have made serious moves that have led many critics to place both teams in contention for a possible upcoming championship season.

USA Today states the Cubs have baseball’s best pitching lineup leading into the 2016 season, with the White Sox not far behind, ranking sixth on the list. Along with other offseason moves, both teams have worked to put themselves back in playoff contention.

Roosevelt senior and baseball fan Monica Hawkins believes that the Cubs have done a great job rebounding from last year’s success to compete for it all again this upcoming year.

“There is no question that the Cubs have made some great additions this offseason,” Hawkins said. “Getting [Jason] Heyward in his prime long term, trading [Starlin] Castro and signing [Ben] Zobrist and [Jon] Lester really helped fine-tune their roster.”

Junior Amber Jones says that as a White Sox fan, she approves the moves the Sox have made to become playoff contenders again.

“Although they lost part of a good support cast from [Jeff] Samardzija, the other help brought in can help us make that next jump back to the postseason, especially with Chris Sale as our leading ace,” Jones said.

The Cubs have added great offensive additions along with defensive pitching, increasing the powerful offense already established by current team members Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant.

The White Sox have done the same, while also increasing their bullpen to build a stronger supporting cast around Sale.

Hawkins believes that new additions are going to be beneficial for offensively and defensively for both the north and south side teams.

“The Cubs will have a good offense to go along with their pitching, making them a very dangerous team,” Hawkins said. “The White Sox have decent pitching and have an improved offense by adding [Todd] Frazier, but it is not as optimistic of an outlook as the Cubs have.”

Along with Hawkins, Jones thinks that the Cubs have the better chance of success this season.

“The White Sox have a good team, but they aren’t as powerful as the Cubs,” Jones said. “I expect the Cubs to go deep in the playoffs like they did last year.”

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