Using your rights: register to vote

By Katherine Gage

Web and Social Media Editor

Regardless of what side of the political spectrum one falls on, it is important to use the rights granted as a U.S. citizen and register to vote.

Roosevelt will be holding a Voter Registration Day on Wednesday, Feb. 3 from 10 a.m. through 4 p.m. for those who are just turning 18, those who need to change their address on their voter registration forms or those not currently signed up to vote. Residents signing up will need two pieces of ID with one showing their current address. The event will take place in Fainman Lounge.

Educate yourself on the candidates that are running for election. Understand what principles they stand for and see how they represent themselves and what change they want to bring before bringing them into office.

“Everyone should take an in depth look at what a candidate proposes. These are people who are looking to create policy which can be quite complex…if a candidate has a past  as an elected official their voting record should be put under scrutiny to check for consistency,” said Phil Crawford, SGA President.

There are websites available such as to learn where the nearest voting location is, along with getting reminders for the next upcoming elections so every other one besides the Presidential Election isn’t forgotten. There, the user can also find helpful tools which can tell them if they are currently registered to vote.

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