Student Government plans agenda for spring semester

By Adam Schalke

Staff Reporter 

With the new semester, the university’s student organizations are back in full swing, doing their regular business and creating a more engaged culture for the students of Roosevelt, including the Student Government Association. Given Roosevelt’s history of social justice and student activism, SGA has held a proud and traditional role of being the students’ liaison to the university and its faculty.

In the face of many issues regarding the school, SGA President Phil Crawford, a political science major, spoke about SGA’s goals and agendas for this coming semester and beyond.

“We plan to continue advocating for MAP grants, working with the Financial Aid Office and Student Accounts to find the best possible ways for those offices to work with students and bringing in representatives from other student organizations so they can have their voices heard in SGA,” Crawford said.

Crawford suggested that there was room to improve on SGA’s visibility and communicative efforts, and offered the idea of cross collaborating with other student organizations and holding open forums with administrators as means to improve SGA’s communication with the students of Roosevelt.

SGA Senator Justin Provo, an economics student, stated that the Senate overall was in agreement with President Crawford’s analysis of the issues facing the school.

“We’re all on the same page as far as the need for more outreach goes. That’s something that can definitely be improved,” Provo said.

Mr. Provo also shared his own ideas for increasing student participation with SGA.

“My proposal calls for each senator to distribute at least fifty surveys to their classmates,” he said. “The surveys would gauge student’s opinions on SGA the issues that they find to be most important or relevant.”

Mr. Provo has said that this proposal has not been put up for a vote yet in the student senate, but clarified that it is up for a discussion at the upcoming meetings and could be up for a vote in the near future if a consensus is reached.

SGA reconvenes on Feb. 3. The meetings are held in the Spertus Lounge at 5 p.m. and are open to the public.

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