“Shameless” is back, more dysfunctional than ever

Alyson Jurgovan

Staff Reporter


“Shameless” is back, more dysfunctional than ever

The Gallagher family is back for a sixth season in the outrageous drama, “Shameless.” Courtesy: Shameless/Facebook 

Chicago’s first family is back and in action. The sixth season of “Shameless” delivers all of the Gallagher chaos viewers have been waiting for.

This time around, there is an unnatural level of calm amongst the Gallaghers. Frank is mourning the loss of his cancer-stricken soul-mate, Bianca. And while he does partake in some super weird grave-sex, his sudden optimism about life is freaking everyone out.

Fiona is moving up in the professional world and in a seemingly happy relationship with her boss (Dermot Mulroney). Ian is regularly taking his meds and working as a busboy. Carl is out of prison and back in school. Lip is putting some of that classic wit to work as a TA at his university.

However, viewers quickly see that as things on the surface seem somewhat decent, the Gallaghers are more messed up than ever.

Debbie is secretly pregnant and has every intention of raising a baby without the help of her boyfriend, who has fled the state. Fiona is up in arms over the decision and is wreaking havoc on every other aspect of her life. It doesn’t help that Carl has returned from prison as a gun-selling gangster and Ian is a medicated ticking time bomb. Things are getting disastrous as per usual, but there is more disaster looming with every episode.

As always, the series pays homage to Chicago and has viewers constantly questioning, “What el stop is that?” and “What neighborhood is that?”

The accents are on point and so are the attitudes. The series maintains chaos and hilarity in tandem with nice character development that sheds light on real life issues. Even after five seasons, “Shameless” hasn’t lost it’s edge.   


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