Oberlin Conservatory Of Music 150th Anniversary sparks Homecoming

Dawnette Chambers

Staff Reporter

Oberlin Conservatory Of Music 150th Anniversary sparks Homecoming.jpg

The Oberlin Orchestra led by Raphael Jimenez at Carnegie Hall. Courtesy: Chris Lee

Only days away from her performance Stonikas takes the time to talk about music, her path to success, life as a professional singer and the future.

“When Oberlin called me to be a soloist for this tour in Chicago I jumped at the opportunity,” said Marcy Stonikas, alumna of both the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and Roosevelt University’s CCPA program.

As a native Chicagoan, Marcy does not take the opportunity to come back home and perform lightly, however she is so excited to be back, not only to see former professors that helped her mature as a musician but also for the family and friends who are able to hear her and students from one alma mater perform at her other alma mater.

“I don’t know when I started singing, but I remember the first time I knew that I needed to do classical music,” Stonikas recalls her first opera with friends and seeing her doppelgänger performing the lead on stage.

Now a wife and mother, Marcy, 36 advises students to take every opportunity to know without a shadow of a doubt that you are doing what you need to do. With the overwhelming amount of rejection, missing out on weddings, funerals and family events, the young professional knows what it means to have and fight for work-life balance. Looking to the future Stonikas wants to “pay it forward,” her performance with the Oberlin Orchestra is a way to do that.

Not motivated by fortune or fame Marcy desires the respect of her colleagues, professionals and professors that she holds in high esteem, individuals like Judy Haddon, Richard Stillwell and Dana Brown just to name a few. Although Stonikas was a spectator in audience at Ganz Hall she was excited to be among friends Grammy-award winning  eighth blackbird sextet and singing and listening to some of her top pieces of all time Strauss’ “Four Last Songs” and Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring,” respectively.   

The Chicago tour is an integral of Oberlin’s yearlong anniversary and featured more than 100 conservatory students in two performances: Oberlin’s Contemporary Music Ensemble at Roosevelt University’s Ganz Hall on Friday, January 29, followed by the Oberlin Orchestra at Chicago Symphony Center on Saturday, January 30.

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