Grimes releases more pop orientated, “Art Angels”

By Alyson Jurgovan

Staff Reporter

Grimes releases more pop orientated, “Art Angels”

Grimes’ fourth release is her poppies sound to date. Courtesy: Magnus Aske Bilking/Flickr

“Art Angels,” the fourth studio album from Grimes, is Grimes for people who don’t listen to Grimes. In perhaps her most commercial release yet, “Art Angels” serves up bubble gum beats over sing-along lyrics. Of her three previous albums, this one is most likely to break the Billboard charts with its audible lyrics and happy sound.

The album has a clear K-Pop theme, most notably in “California,” and pays homage to 90s love songs, a la Mariah Carey’s “Heartbreaker.”

At some points it feels as though the listener is experiencing grungy cheerleaders or a 2009 Dance Dance Revolution soundtrack.

That being said, there is an obvious growth sonically and she has learned how to connect to a larger audience instead of her usual, underground tumblr fanbase.

In title track, Grimes takes us back to simple, giddy romance reminiscent of early 2000s icons Vitamin C and Haiku Ho.

In “Easily,” we hear a rare piano intro that leads into a slower, simpler sound than showcased on the rest of the album.

Overall, listeners won’t have any life altering epiphanies to this album and probably won’t shed a tear or feelings of any emotion, but it does make for good background music. And for what it’s worth, it’s safe to listen to this album in its entirety with family members of all ages; they may not get it, but they won’t be able to deny this infectious pop platter.  


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