Have a Merry Time at the Merry Widow

By Dawnette Chambers

Copy Editor



 The Pontevedrian men praise “The Merry Widow”( played by Rene’e Fleming) in hopes of becoming her new husband. Photo Credit: Stefany Phillips (Lyric Opera, Chicago)

The Lyric Opera of Chicago has done it again. The 2015-2016 opera season lineup can influence any to become an opera lover. As a student, one might assume that going to an opera is a “grown folks” thing but Lyric implores students to gives the arts a real shot.

Before the crowds file in the historic theatre’s auditorium, a select group seat anywhere an hour before the performance for the pre-talk. The pre-talk is where the early comers get the juicy, yet exclusive details about the history behind “The Merry Widow.” Namely that “The Merry Widow” is an operetta by Franz Lehár.  The Merry Widow is a production new to Chicago and has already been open for  a few weeks with 10 performances with the last performance on Sunday, December 13. Students, have no fear the performances are in English with projected titles.

The Merry Widow is a lively production with the music, dancing and stage filled with color. The scene set in 1900 Paris, “The Merry Widow” has recently lost her wealthy husband and eligible bachelors from her homeland are all hoping for the chance to become her new husband. Without giving too much away she eventually finds love again.

With only two weeks and a few performances left go enjoy the end of finals by treating yourself to a night at the Lyric Opera of Chicago watching “The Merry Widow.” Students, if you sign up for the Lyric Opera’s Next program you could be able to purchase tickets for the discounted price of $20.  There is no doubt that finals make students blue, but you are sure to have a “merry time” watching the final performances of “The Merry Widow” in Chicago.

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