Forensic accounting students win scholarships

Eight grad students in the Heller College of Business have received scholarships in the field of forensic accounting. Photo Credit: Roosevelt University

Eight grad students in the Heller College of Business have received scholarships in the field of forensic accounting.
Photo Credit: Roosevelt University

By Lauren Grimaldi

Staff Reporter

Recently, eight Roosevelt students in the graduate program for forensic accounting received scholarships from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiner (ACFE) Chicago Chapter’s new Dan Spreche Memorial Scholarship Fund. Nine scholarships were awarded from the fund overall.

Husam Abu Khadra, Associate Professor of Accounting, believes these students stood out from other applicants due to their strong work ethic.

“Our students are hardworking, dedicated and passionate about what they are doing,” Khadra said.

Colin McVisk, Guadalupe Cotto, Aliya Arslanbayeva, Ewa Anikiej, Darlene Morris-Fullerton, Patricia Greenfeld, Artem Kornilov and Marisha Chareonvooti are the Heller College of Business students who became the first to receive these scholarships since the fund began.

Artem Kornilov, a graduate student, shared his thoughts now that he was awarded the scholarship.

“I was very happy when I received an email saying “congratulations” for scholarship about this award. I applied last minute and I was not sure if I would get it, but surprisingly I received not only the scholarship but also a one year, free professional membership for the Chicago Chapter of Certified Fraud Examiners,” Kornilov said. “I can attend any of their events for free and will be able enhance my experience and build new relationship with chapter members.”

Kornilov says this will help him work towards his coveted Master’s Degree in Forensic Accounting, which he says is one class away from being completed. He generally attributes his successes here to the university and its professors as a whole.

“Without Roosevelt University, the help of the best professors in our school, and my friends it would be impossible,” Kornilov said.

Colin McVisk reiterated Kornilov’s comments about the helpfulness of everyone involved in the process of helping the student’s win these scholarships.

“Receiving these scholarships has shown me that every little bit helps and that I am on the right career path,” McVisk said. “These awards have motivated me to work harder toward becoming an expert in the field of fraud and fraud examination. I would like to thank everyone in the local Chicago chapter and the national ACFE for helping me on my way.”

As for his future plans, McVisk says that receiving this award is definitely beneficial for him going forward, as it showed him positive attributes of those who work in the field he desires to have a career in.

“The kindness of the people who have made these awards possible has motivated me further to do my best, so that one day, hopefully soon, I can be in the same position to give back to others interested in this exciting field,” he said.

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