Bradley Cooper ruins appetites in “Burnt”

By Adam Schalke

Staff Reporter

Bradley Cooper in "Burnt." (Alex Bailey/The Weinstein Company)

Bradley Cooper in “Burnt.” (Alex Bailey/The Weinstein Company)

Bradley Cooper is regarded by many as a phenomenal actor. The man has made fantastic pieces of work throughout his career, has amazing success crossing genres and was in two of the most critically and commercially popular films from last year, “American Sniper” and the more family-friendly “Guardians of the Galaxy.” All of that makes it so much harder to deal with his disappointing latest release, “Burnt.”

“Burnt” is the story of American chef Adam Jones, who wishes to open his own gourmet restaurant in Paris, France after a breakdown and struggles with substance abuse. Ups and downs ensue, and various assisting characters played by a talented cast (including Daniel Bruhl and Uma Thurman) come and go, some so underused it’s almost as if they are cameos.

At this point in his career, “breakdown” follows many of Bradley Cooper’s characters almost like how “turkey” follows “Thanksgiving.” There is not much difference between his character in “Burnt” and the other much more finely crafted (yet still internally troubled) characters he displays in his collaborations with David O. Russell. This movie just seems to fall flat on almost every level. The jokes don’t stick, the story is regurgitated and nothing new is said.

The bad news for Mr. Cooper is that unless his other film this year, “Joy,” which also stars Jennifer Lawrence, doesn’t achieve critical acclaim in theaters, he probably won’t get an Oscar nod this time around.
1 Torch out of 5

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