AKA Beta chapter hosts “Battle of the Sexes”

Photo by Alyson Jurgovan

Photo by Alyson Jurgovan

By Alyson Jurgovan

Staff Reporter

Members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Beta chapter held a Battle of the Sexes talk with co-host Marshall Wilder on Thursday November 12.

The aim of the event was to answer questions taken directly from participants in the audience in a talk show style discussion. The questions surrounded the curiosities we face pertaining to romantic relationships from both the male and female perspective.

Katherine Childress, AKA campus advisor and planner of the event, referred to the gathering as a family strengthening event.

           “I was just crazy about learning more about men and women dynamics and how we can work together in relationships and work together as friends and cohorts,” said Childress.

           Victoria Henley, senior at Columbia and president of Alpha Kappa Alpha Beta chapter, co-hosted the discussion.

           “We all have these questions that we need to be answered, and we’re all laying it out on the table here today,” Henley said.

           Marshall Wilder, relationship guru, added a strong, male tone to the discussion.

           Wilder, who previously pursued hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic studies, claims he always interacted better with women and is well-versed in communication and dating techniques; or as he refers to it, “getting someone.”

           Upon arrival, audience members were asked to write down a question they had about relationships and instructed to take a seat on either the male side or the female side of the room.

           One by one, co-hosts answered audience questions.

           In true talk show form, a microphone was passed around to any audience members who had their own input on whatever particular topic was being covered at that time.

           Topics ranged from pregnancy, levels of emotion, infidelity, communication and gender clichés, just to name a few.

           Essentially, the talk provided an interactive discussion pondering why men and women do the things they do. Participants were more than willing to give forth their opinions in an intelligent and respectful way, which made for a poignant discussion amongst young people.

           Hosts Henley and Wilder displayed a great chemistry and rapport that spearheaded the discussion flawlessly, which likely encouraged the outpour of participation from the audience

The combination of entertaining hosts and impressive audience participation made for a lively discussion and turnout.

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