Security Alert: React Surveys Scams Roosevelt Students

By Katherine Gage

Social Media/Web Editor

Roosevelt students have been receiving e-mails sent to their student e-mail accounts from a sender called “React Surveys.” The initial e-mail they send mentions how the resume they submitted has been approved for a secret shopper position and ask if they would like to receive more information. Once students respond they are instantly sent a large sum check close to $2,000 that they are to personally cash and take to a Walmart MoneyGram system to send to a different location (one of which being in the Philippians) while keeping $250 for themselves.

The Career Development Center sent out a notice saying not to respond to the e-mails, and if you have already, forward the message React Survey has sent to you to and notify them if you have received a check and the Career Center will forward the information to the proper authorities.

“If you received this e-mail or similar messages, please delete it and empty your Trash folder,” Roosevelt Director of Information Security, Bonnie Johnson said in a security alert e-mail that was sent out to the campus on Friday.

Johnson also warns, “You should also be extremely suspicious of any email that purports to inform you that any of your Roosevelt accounts have been blocked.

Students should report any suspicious online requests to

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