SGA plans for increased student outreach

By Alyson Jurgovan

Staff Reporter

The Student Government Association (SGA) holds their weekly meetings under the yellow lights in Spertus Lounge. On Nov. 4, the SGA convened to being tackling many current issues that surround the Roosevelt community. One recurring issue was the lack of involvement from the student body.

Philip Crawford, senior political science major and President of SGA said the primary focus of the SGA’s agenda this semester was to reach out to more of the student body.

“Our main goal is to really get not only our visibility, but as discussed at this meeting, the trust of the student body,” Crawford said.

SGA acknowledges a lack of participation from the student body. In an effort to help increase exposure and gain participation, SGA has focused on creating a stronger social media presence through Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. They are hopeful that through providing a platform for communication, students will be more likely to bring their unsolved issues to SGA.

Wilvinvent Go, senior finance major and Treasurer of the organization, spoke about the influence of student participation and awareness in individual development.

“Another issue is that there is just a lack of awareness and involvement from the student body when it comes to extracurricular activities: student government, other clubs and organizations and fraternities, for example. It is an essential thing for student development,” Go says.

During the meeting, senators agreed that there is need for better communication from the SGA’s end. One proposed remedy was that when SGA has solves an issue, they plan to communicate it more clearly with the rest of the student body. This way, students can gain awareness of the resource that is their SGA.

For now, the biggest hurdle remains building communication and insight within the student body, according to the Senate.

“The main goal for SGA this semester is that we’re trying to advocate for certain issues that are facing the students right now. For example, tuition costs, financial resources, technology, and new printing stations in the cafeteria. We’re thinking of setting free printing stations throughout the whole school year,” Go said.

A member from the Wabash Community Council (WCC) also sat in on the meeting to discuss the new visitor policy for residents of the Wabash building.

The SGA urges Roosevelt students to get involved and take advantage of the resources that the Senate provides. Senate meetings take place every Wednesday in the Spertus Lounge of the Auditorium Building (AUD 244) from 5:00-6:00 PM and are open to the public.


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