Political involvement is imperative for everyone

By Lauren Grimaldi

Staff Reporter

With the 2016 election less than a year away, campaigns are becoming more feisty, and the media coverage more in disarray. Through it all, it can be hard to find the merit in paying attention  to the political world.

If you only go off of how elections are covered on TV, it can seem to the average person that politics is nothing more than people yelling at each other and insulting those on the other side of the aisle. This leads people to hate paying attention to the “noise” of politics and ignore the elections all together until it comes time to go to the voting booth.

That should be alarming. We have the great opportunity in this country to  be able to express our personal political ideologies freely without the government telling us to stop. An informed voter is the only voter we should want to have which is why it is decidedly important that everyone become involved in politics in someway.

Now it would be unrealistic to ask for everyone to start canvassing for whichever candidate whose views they align with, but there are extremely simple ways for our culture to become more politically informed.

Social media runs the world this day in age. Politicians are using it to voice their policies further and Hillary Clinton actually initiated her 2016 campaign via video shared out on her social media pages. Showing support on social media for whichever candidate you prefer is a great way to become more involved in the political atmosphere. Politico, The Washington Post and Think Progress are fantastic websites to read in order to stay informed about the goings on of the political world.

Let’s face facts. Some people are never going to like politics. But these people still vote and thus their uninformed decisions are impacting the outcomes of elections. Everyone is entitled to their vote, but an atmosphere that is more interested in politics can only make for a more informed average citizen. This is why students need an attitude change towards how we view politics as it impacts our lives more than most people realize. A more informed political culture can only result in election outcomes that are better for the well being of the country.

So, do research. Read articles online. Share why favorite candidates have earned your vote via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. The more eyes that see well researched, accurate information on the elections the better. It can only educate people further about what’s really at stake when they step into the polling booth next year.

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