Fassbender soars in Steve Jobs film

By Adam Schalke

Staff Reporter

When I first heard that another biopic about Steve Jobs was in the works, (the previous one being “Jobs,” released in 2011 and starring Ashton Kutcher) I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at what I believed to be a new low for Hollywood’s laziness: redoing recently released films that had missed the mark upon their initial debut.

Despite an initial lack of enthusiasm, I left “Steve Jobs” very pleasantly surprised at what turned out to be a fine upgrade of a film.

For those who have seen the earlier film and felt dissatisfied by its sense of inflated running time and Kutcher’s clunky portrayal of Jobs, much of those fears will be relieved in the newer film. In place of a traditional cradle to grave biopic, “Steve Jobs” wisely focuses on a three major events of the Apple co-founder’s career: The Macintosh launch of 1984, the NeXT computer launch of 1988 and the introduction of the iPod in 2001.

Additionally, the always-entertaining Michael Fassbender offers a much improved portrayal of Steve Jobs than Ashton Kutcher’s attempt in 2011. Steve Wozniak, who co-founded Apple with Jobs, told BBC he felt as if he was observing Jobs himself, instead of an actor portraying him in regards to Fassebender’s flick.

Overall, the film cannot shake off the sense of being a reboot of sorts, which is likely due to the short period of time between the release of it and its predecessor, but “Steve Jobs” still offers a more focused examination of the man who is still held in the highest regards in the halls of American ingenuity.

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