Bullock disappoints in “Our Brand Is Crisis”

By Adam Schalke

Staff Reporter

One of the benefits of an actor or actress continually taking on homogenous roles is that the audience can have a general idea as to what the final product will be. That makes it all the more surprising when the usually decent Sandra Bullock turned out the recent flop entitled “Our Brand Is Crisis.”

In the film, Bullock plays Jane Bodine, a successful political consultant, who goes down to Bolivia to assist bumbling gaffe-prone President Pedro Castillo in resurrecting his crumbling reelection campaign. During the campaign, Bodine encounters her political consulting rival, played by Billy Bob Thorton, offering campaign advice to Castillo’s opponent of the other party.

There have been a good many politically-flavored comedies made in recent memory, but this one fails in almost every way to differentiate itself or suggest that it is of a higher quality than its peers. A large part of the problem is that the film is almost entirely centered on Bullock, which prohibits the talented supporting cast of Anthony Mackie and Scoot McNairy from offering any major assistance to an already half-baked film, and puts the strain on her to carry this dud all by herself.
1/5 Torches

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