Blue Man Group beats colorful paint from drums onto canvas, crowd in awe.

Blue Man Group National Tour Credit photo: ©Paul Kolnik nyc  212-362-7778

Blue Man Group National Tour
Credit photo: ©Paul Kolnik
nyc 212-362-7778

By Dawnette Chambers

Copy Editor

Students, Faculty, tourists and Chicago natives alike are always looking for things to do around the city. Add a trip to a Blue Man Group show to your list. The award-winning global entertainment company is renown for its creative stage productions around the world. Chicago is honored to have ongoing theatrical productions of Blue Man Group(BMG) at the Briar Street Theatre located at 3133 N. Halsted Street.

From the time the audience walks through the doors of the theatre, there is so much that draws your attention. The setup of tubing, PVC pipes and wires leave you curious, yet intrigued. Audience participation is a must when going to the show. Blue Man Group “is comedy, theater, rock concert and dance party all rolled into one.” The combination of silent, yet hilarous comedy, science, original music and creative art makes for a truly unique entertaining experience. For those that are cannot live without your digital attachment to the world, this show will make you pledge not to use your devices.

Blue Man Group leaves you anticipating what will these three guys do next. For Roosevelt students, this is a great spot to take your special someone. The marketing team for Blue Man Group has discounted tickets for students. You can either call two hours before or come the day of the show with your RU ID and purchase tickets for $35. For each school ID, one can purchase two tickets for the $35 price.

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