Looking with lenses of your eyes, not your camera

Megan Schuller

Managing Editor

Technology is intricately woven into everything this people do. It begs the question: how can one really experience a moment anymore if they are so engrossed by their phones?

Technology has become such a distraction that we are not even fully present.

An article published by Psychology Today Magazine titled “Is Technology Worsening Our Basic Restlessness?” discussed how technology is a form of escapism from the present as our minds think ahead.

“With its immediate, easy and instantly gratifying nature, technology encourages and supports the mantra of ‘What’s next?’ Technology makes it possible to just keep moving, from one pleasurable and titillating experience to another, never having to come back here to be with ‘just’ ourselves, ‘just’ now,” the article stated.

At concerts or events, people become so busy recording it to remember later, that they only view it from the screen. They would rather have photos on their phone and not remember a single moment of it in person. Why view life through a screen rather than the lenses of your own eyes?

This generation has been exposed to media and primed to think about their accounts. People think ‘I’ve got to Facebook, tweet and Instagram this – so I have got to take a bunch of photos.’ Media has become such a part of people’s lives, that they diminish the quality of their own lives just to take part in it.

A photo surfaced after the “Black Mass” premiere in Boston of an elderly woman who was the only one among the crowd that was not taking a photo as Hollywood stars like Johnny Depp walked by. The photo sparked a lot of talk about the generational difference about ideals of living in the moment and importance of technology.

The woman is photographed leaning against the barricade with a smile, enjoying the premiere, while the crowd surrounds her holding their phones in their air to get photos. It got people asking, who enjoyed it more?

Technology has even changed the way people communicate with friends, family and significant others. People are on their phones while spending time with someone, during dinner, conversation, etc. However, while it has caused problems, technology has also improved communication for long distance situations.

An article published by Wired titled “Is Technology Hurting your Relationships?” discusses how being plugged into too much separates us from reality.

“By learning how to unplug and enjoy life’s different realities, you will increase your ability to innovate and solve problems, in other words help your business, your career, and let’s not forget about your family,” the article states.

Enjoy the simple things in the mundane. Being present sometimes means putting the phones down and enjoying time with friends and family.

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