“Sicario” is fast-paced action with a twist


By Adam Schalke

When I saw “Sicario” the other week, it was like a type of chicken-and-egg experience for me: is the rock-solid cast of Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin, and Benicio del Toro reinforcing an already intriguing and relentless story, or is the raw and grisly realism of Sicario’s plot forcing its leads into unleashing their maximum acting potential?

In the film, Emily Blunt plays Kate Macer, the captain of an FBI S.W.A.T. squad. Macer joins a team led by Brolin’s and del Toro’s characters into Juarez, Mexico to hunt down leaders of a cartel charged with the deaths of members of her squad. For much of the mission, Macer is kept in the dark about its objectives and operations, and when protocol becomes noticeably broken, she suspects something more unethical is afoot.

 To be quite blunt, the violence and graphic nature of the film disqualifies it from being universally accessible to all audience members. To those who are not as squeamish, this movie will be one of the best things you see all year.

The story is excellently placed, and Blunt and Brolin are always welcome together in any film. However, it’s actually del Toro who gives the best performance in “Sicario.”

If there is any justice in Hollywood, it’s one that could land him a best supporting-actor nomination at the Academy Awards.

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