Schaumburg wildlife habitat recognized nationally

Roosevelt’s Schaumburg campus features a grass prairie. Photo Credit: MaryBeth Radeck

Roosevelt’s Schaumburg campus features a grass prairie.
Photo Credit: MaryBeth Radeck

By Lauren Grimaldi

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) recently recognized Roosevelt’s Schaumburg Campus for being one of the college campuses in the country that features a wildlife habitat.

“We had extremely positive reaction when we found out,” Paul Matthews, Assistant Vice President of Campus Planning and Operations said. “There was a lot of hard work and effort put into this so we were very enthused.”

RU’s 27-acre suburban campus is featured in the NWF latest magazine in a report entitled “The Campus Wild: How College and University Green Landscapes Provide Havens for Wildlife and “Lands-on Experiences for Students.”

According to Matthews, Roosevelt has a five-year plan that is followed with the intention of making the school a more reputable name in the world of environment sustainability.

“We are one of the first universities to have a (sustainability plan),” he said. “It was a team effort. Staff, students, and other faculty worked in putting this document together.”

As for what sets Roosevelt apart from other universities in terms of environmental aspects, Matthews believes that the main social justice mission of the school is what sets it up for having such sustainable campuses. He cited the creation of the Wabash Building as well as the redoing of the Schaumburg campus as just some of what RU does to make it different from other campuses. “Combining all of these elements you can see that sustainability is in our blood,” he said.

Environmental Student Associate Sarah Tag feels that seeing Roosevelt recognized for these achievements is very worthwhile. “The efforts that have been made here to improve biodiversity have had many positive effects on our ecosystem,” Tag said. “I am so proud to be a part of this team that works to restore native flora and fauna to the campus and our ecosystem.”

Former RU student and current Sustainability Coordinator Rebecca Quesnell offered thoughts as to how the school’s program is helpful towards its students that are the utmost dedicated to the world of environmental sustainability.

“There is sheer dedication on behalf of our department’s faculty, passion to make change by those teaching and those in the program to do even more amazing things,” she said. “The classes are very hands on, and each offers a unique opportunity to get involved in different components of sustainability.

To learn more about Roosevelt’s sustainability program, the department asks that you visit

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