Derrick Rose sustains another injury, frustrates fans

By Adam Schalke

Chicago Bulls fans are enduring further frustration with point guard Derrick Rose, who sustained a left orbital bone fracture earlier this month. “Sports Illustrated” reports that Derrick Rose will undergo facial surgery to correct his injuries and that he will wear a mask when he returns to the court in order to protect his face from further damage.

“They don’t want him leaving his house at least until that time. He’s very sensitive to light. They just don’t want anything to happen to his eye. Surgery went great,” Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg said in a statement to “Sports Illustrated.”

This is not the first time that Rose has been subject to injuries during his career with the Bulls. His list of injuries include tearing his meniscus and his ACL in previous seasons during his career, both requiring intensive time off from the court in order to properly heal.

With his newest injury and time off from the team, some fans of the Bulls are disappointed with Rose. While many recognize that Rose is a skilled player, fans still feel that his constant streak of injuries devalue his talent and make them question his status as an asset to the team.

Despite this array of criticism, many Bulls fans are ultimately supportive of Derrick Rose and wish him a smooth recovery.

“He’s going to miss a few games because of the injury, so I’m disappointed that he can’t have a clean season, but I’m not really mad at him,” said Roosevelt student Jesus “Chuy” Duenes. “[The Bulls] need to wrap a bubble around him though.”

Roosevelt basketball coach Aaron Rolle echoed these sentiments, wishing Rose a quick and healthy recovery and wishing the team luck with his absence.

“I understand how it is, I’m more realistic than the common fan,” Rolle said regarding Rose’s injuries and the bitter attitude demonstrated by some fans. “Derrick’s body, as amazing as it is, it has some fragilities, and these things happen.”

Rolle has also made a point to cite Rose as an example of what could happen to his players if they fail to properly prepare their bodies for the court.

“We talk to the team all the time, and a lot of what we do is injury prevention, that includes things like core extensions and stretches that take care of small muscles,” he said.

Rolle hopes that these exercises help Roosevelt’s athletes prevent injuries to their bodies that could keep them on the sidelines during big games. The Lakers home opener will take place on Nov. 4.

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