Hathaway and DeNiro Unite For Sweet, Anti-Ageist Romp

By Adam Schalke

Let’s be clear: “The Intern may look silly, and quite frankly it is, but it’s a very heartfelt and sincere type of silly. A silly that filmgoers seldom see anymore.

In the movie, Robert DeNiro plays a widowed retiree who becomes an intern to unconventionally find order and purpose in his otherwise uneventful golden years. Anne Hathaway plays the young, energetic, and scatterbrained CEO of an online clothes company that she established herself.

The old school, company-man work ethic and perspectives of DeNiro’s character intermixes with the millennial franticity of Hathaway’s character for a gentle, appropriately funny and surprisingly sweet film.

Sure, the film is as schmaltzy as schmaltzy gets, but the social commentary of it all is worth the two hours in the theater. The film is an unabashed critique of ageism with some nice feminist undertones.

Is DeNiro a crotchety old-timer for wearing a suit and putting unconditional effort into an internship every day, or do the male twenty-somethings he works with just have poor work ethic and dress like man-children? Is Hathaway too old to keep starring roles in films, or should her age be irrelevant?

Overall, the film was a pleasant vehicle for two seasoned acting veterans.

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