CHVRCHES return better and synth-ier than ever

By Adam Schalke

It’s been two years since CHVRCHES made their presence known to the music world with their brand of Madonna-joins-New Order synthpop featured on their debut album, “The Bones of What You Believe.”

With their follow-up, “Every Open Eye,” the Scottish trio seem to follow the mantra: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

The band’s 80s influences are so apparent on “Every Open Eye”  that it’s not profoundly difficult to mistake this record for one that was made thirty years ago, which should not read as a complaint. The album may not be as radio-accessible as its predecessor, but everything that won CHVRCHES a following is still very much present on “Every Open Eye.”

The brightness of singer Lauren Mayberry’s voice, the hooky synth riffs and the lush production style that hails back to the pop music of the John Hughes-era all works favorably on the album.

“Every Open Eye” is a delightful blast of versatile, synth-coated pop. The album is sure to sound equally at home, whether it is playing at the record store, on an evening commute or in theaters and clubs during live shows.

CHVRCHES will be stopping by the Metro on Oct. 24 on their tour to promote the album.

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