Religion is Not an Excuse for Ignorance

Pablo Alcala/Lexington Herald-Leader/TNS

Pablo Alcala/Lexington Herald-Leader/TNS

By Lauren Grimaldi

For the past few weeks, Kentucky’s County Clerk Kim Davis has   dominated the news cycle and is making herself known to the world. She was thrown in jail when she refused to obey the law and sign marriage licenses for same-sex couples. Her reasoning for this was that her religion “condemns” gay couples and therefore she cannot morally sign the licenses. While her opinion is her opinion and she’s free to believe whatever she wants, it does not mean her views and actions are not allowed to be criticized.

People in positions of power cannot let their morals conflict with their job requirements. If their morals are really as strong as they claim them to be, then they should be willing to leave that job that is now requiring them to perform activities that they disagree with based on the morals they say they believe in. If the person fails to do that, then they are not meeting the expectations that come with their profession and their employment should be terminated.

Davis has used the excuse repeatedly that she was unable to sign the marriage licenses because her religion condemns same sex couples and thus their marriages. But she is also a government employee and there is such a thing as separation of church and state, which should, if enacted correctly, prevent these justice issues from coming up.

But it seems time and time again that when debating certain issues that the topic of religion comes up when people support or do not support an issue. Religion shouldn’t be used as an excuse to restrict others from whatever it is they want to do, especially not through the eyes of the law.

There’s a quote from comedian Jon Stewart that sums up this situation quite precisely: “If you don’t stick to your values when they are being tested, they are not values they’re hobbies.”

Kim Davis claims to have strong moral values, but she wasn’t willing to quit her job once it became apparent the job would now require her to ignore the values she claims to hold. Likewise, it is believed widely by Christians that divorce and infidelity are morally wrong. However, Kim Davis has not followed those values her religion holds.

She has been divorced three times, which according to the religion she claims to follow, is immoral. From that, sounds like Kim Davis needs to reevaluate just how strong her morals are. You cannot pick and choose when you believe in anything, though in this case we are looking at the sanctity marriage, a person with true morals would certainly uphold their own beliefs in their personal lives if they are willing to get in trouble at their job and restrict people from their own rights.

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