The Wonderful World of Textbook Deals

By Lauren Grimaldi

We’ve all been there. You login to see what textbooks you’ll be needing for this semester and an instant wave of sadness comes over you. Not because you know that the impending doom of classes is coming, but because you see the price of the book for just one class is equivalent to the cost of purchasing a small island. Instead of just forking up the cash to buy the books you need, it’s important  that you do some research on the texts and see where you can get it for a cheaper price.

There are  several   options to help you accomplish this.. Make sure to check every book you’ll be needing this semester. This may sound like pretty common knowledge but some sites go unknown to students and this is in turn costing them tons of money that could be used for more important things, like food. This doesn’t mean that students should forego buying their textbooks altogether, as there are tons of pertinent information within its pages, but it’s just a much smarter way to deal with the side effects of being in college.

You may have heard of the bookstore chain, Half Price Books, is  a great resource for finding  a lot of college textbooks. You can find many older editions of required textbooks for some classes for as cheap as 99 cents. Of course, they don’t have everything for that cheap and the books aren’t always in perfect condition, but it is by far one of the better options out there for students.

A more popular option among students is, a site that searches prices for you across the Internet. Chegg offers a rental option that is something students should definitely take note of. Renting is obviously, a much cheaper option than actually purchasing the textbook out right. This site is a lot more dependable for actual textbooks and prices are known to be fairly discounted compared to what the RU bookstore will charge you .

Amazon is another great option for students. As a student you have the added option of receiving a discount when you sign up for Amazon Prime. Rentals are also offered to students through the site and most books can be found for affordable prices.

This article isn’t trying to convince you to gather your pitchforks and torches and head to the bookstore to protest the sometimes unfair and lofty prices they set for us, but rather it’s an attempt to get you to be a smarter student when it comes to paying for the added costs of school. Saving money is something everyone could benefit from and no one can argue with that.  

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