Stephen Colbert takes over The Late Show

Photo courtesy Ron Sachs

Photo courtesy Ron Sachs

By Adam Schalke

Millions of devout members of the Colbert Nation glued their eyes to their television sets last Wednesday night to witness the triumphant return of their hero, the eponymous Stephen Tyrone Colbert, as he takes over hosting The Late Show. Colbert is succeeding retired Late Show host David Letterman, who held his last episode of the program on May 20  of this year.

Attitudes towards Colbert taking over the program ranged from mixed to positive. Many members of his devoted fan base are delighted that he was getting a “promotion” of sorts to a major network (as well as a longer time slot), while other fans are upset that in order to succeed Letterman, Colbert had to abandon his own long-running, award-winning show, The Colbert Report, as well as the faux-conservative persona that he embodied.

Skeptics of Colbert were assured that the man they had come to adore is still alive and well, even if he was out of character for his new job. His debut episode featured a fantastic monologue, terrific interviews with George Clooney and Jeb Bush (he even got the former governor to yell “turn down for what, a likely first for a presidential candidate), as well as a jam session with Buddy Guy, Mavis Staples, Brittany Howard and many other celebrities. After a long time in exile, the real king of late night television returns to his throne.

Rating 3/4

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