Don’t Like Something? Change It.

Photo Source: Daly Tongren

By Katherine Gage

As I wander around the Roosevelt campus I am constantly hearing students talk about how they have an issue with our university. The complainer always follows it up with a snide remark along the lines of ‘but Roosevelt sucks’ as if that solidifies every problem in their life.  

Consistent negativity and being passive about the issues one has with the institution they invest thousands of dollars in and commit four years of their lives to, is not the best use of their time. Given the fact that the goal of this and any institution of higher learning is to develop successful members of society.

Doing something about problems students experience  contributes to one’s own overall success. Work on making these experience exciting  and take the initiative to fix them!

The ability to change something that is not beneficial directly lies in your hands alone, however at Roosevelt there is always someone there who is willing to help.

If tuition is an issue, sit down and talk with a Financial Aid Advisor and see what options are available.

Struggling with program requirements, or not sold on general education classes, schedule to sit down with a department advisor and discuss the issues. Chances are they have some sort of solution or can help you find a more accommodating arrangement for what you are experiencing.

If something needs to be fixed, chances are you are not alone in thinking so. Get a group of six students who feel the same way and create a club; work to implement change where it needed and fix what you hate! What’s the worst that could happen, you build your resume and fix a problem that will benefit an entire institution?

There are so many clubs and organizations Roosevelt offers, find one that interests you and act on your passions. Try to find something that brings happiness and stick with it. There has to be at least one thing Roosevelt offers that brings you pride.

I am not demanding that students get the Roosevelt logo tattooed onto their forehead, or even to wear green every Thursday (PSA: Thursday is our school spirit day). I am not asking for anything unreasonable. I simply ask that everyone deal with their problems or stop weighing everyone else who takes pride in the institution they chose down. Either address it and fix it or keep your negativity to yourself.

If students are really content on being miserable and sulking in their problems then that’s on them. If determined to pay tuition to an institution that does not bring happiness or relative satisfaction and are dead set on not doing a darn thing about it. Great, but now please shut up about it. I for one am having an amazing time at the university I chose and am passionate about, and I am sick of hearing your meaningless complaints.

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