College rankings reveal student’s intentions for enrolling

By Mike Espiritu

Graphic by Emma Iglesias

GrubHub officially named Roosevelt University as one of their top ten most polite universities to deliver to. Graphic by Emma Iglesia

Colleges often end up on various top university lists that float around on the Internet. Top university lists rank anything from the best college towns in America to the ugliest college campuses in America.

These lists serve a few purposes – reinforcing a university’s status, creating or maintaining the university’s image, and giving them minor publicity.

Recently, Roosevelt University was named one of the friendliest universities according to a Huffington Post article. Going deeper into the friendliest universities list, the details reveal that the rankings are determined from data gathered by GrubHub orders. GrubHub kept track of which universities said please and thank you the most when ordering food from them online.

Needless to say, some of the lists that rank colleges are more serious than others.  Some  lists measure the college as an educational institution, while others judge other  attributes of the institution.

Just a simple top universities in America is an effective way to get prospective students to keep a college in mind. Similar to GrubHub’s data that involves tracking orders to different universities, these lists use data compiled from surveys and polls. National college reviews and rankings have criteria for their annual lists.

However, many websites and articles dedicate themselves to finding colleges that fill certain niches. One of the most frequently seen top colleges lists are rankings for top party schools in America.

These kinds of niche lists gather opinions from students across the country, the problem is that this methodology has always been blurry. According to Niche Social, a website that specializes in matching students to different colleges, party school lists account for the opinions of students about how fun and outgoing their peers are, as well as the places to hang out on and off campus.

The reason that a college’s party scene is appealing to students is because there are many other factors to choose from when considering a university. Students try to look for an experience that fits their needs.

Not many colleges can say that they are the best in the country when it comes to prestige, history and academic achievement. However, that does not mean the college you are attending is bad. From colleges focused on the performing arts to colleges with affordable tuition, each college has their own specialties and programs that students can take advantage of.

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