Beach House Treads Familiar Ground on Depression Cherry

By Mike Espiritu

For most of their career, Beach House has released critically acclaimed music album after music album. The dream pop Baltimore duo, consisting of vocalist Victoria Legrand and guitarist Alex Scally became known for their signature sound. Their formula of reverb-filled keyboards and guitars, accompanied by Legrand’s deep but gentle voice was a hit in the indie rock world.

Prior to the release of “Depression Cherry,” the band released a single called “Sparks”. It looked like they were about to finally shake things up with their sound. After five albums, the new single revealed Beach House’s potential for experimenting with different genres. Now that the full album is available for context, “Sparks” is a track that tries to add flavor to the Beach House blueprint without destroying any of the original groundwork.

Because of “Sparks,” whether or not their latest album is good depends on how the listener feels about the trajectory of Beach House’s music over their past several albums.

On paper, the band did everything right. Depression Cherry is exactly what a good Beach House album should be. Every track feels light and graceful in production and instrumentation. Even when compared to their best work, the new album shows that the band has not lost a step.
3 out of 4 stars

Photo courtesy of Facebook

Photo courtesy of Facebook

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