SPEED hires new board, plans future agenda

By Daly Tongren

The Center for Student Involvement has hired a new group of student leaders to serve as members of the SPEED programming board for the upcoming fall and spring semesters.

SPEED, which is an acronym for the Students Programming for Enrichment, Enlightenment and Development, is a board of student workers who plan events and activities for students and the Roosevelt University community throughout the year.

This new board is made up entirely of women and features both upper and underclassman. The six members of the board are Erika Williams, Maya Maynard, Alexandra Hanley, Manisha Virupannavar, Maya Tatum-Lattimore and Victoria Gillet.

All members are new to the SPEED position except for Williams, who served on the board during the 2013-14 school year.

The board held its first, introductory meeting on Friday, April 24. This was the board’s first brainstorming session for its roles in the coming months.

Once there, the group was able to dive into its thoughts about which events the organizations said will benefit students through its budget, which all students pay into through the Student Activity Fee.

“The student body can look forward to multifaceted programming. We will have social justice events, engaging events and just outright fun events,” said Tatum-Lattimore, a senior and social justice studies major.

Jarquetta Egeston, who has served as the adviser to the SPEED Board over the last several years, will be leaving the university this summer. Her successor has not yet been announced, but the new CSI hire will assume all of the responsibilities regarding overseeing the student programming board.

“She [Egeston] is the heart and soul of the CSI office, and she brings a welcoming spirit so it is sad to see her go,” WIlliams said. “But I am excited to for her to open this new chapter of her life.”

The first event on SPEED’s agenda will be Welcome Week, which is an annual event that takes place throughout the first week of classes in the fall as an introduction to new and returning students to on campus activities.

“We’ve already started planning Welcome Week events. We will be working over the summer to make sure that the first week of school sets the tone for the year and gets people excited about SPEED,” Tatum-Lattimore said.

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