RU Proud preps for the Pride Parade in June

RU Proud preps for Pride

By Daly Tongren

RU Proud is gearing up for another year of partaking in its major summer event, Chicago’s annual Pride Parade in Boystown, which will take place on June 28.

The organization has been marching in the parade for the last several years, drawing together students and community members from across the university for a common cause of education and support.

“Walking in the Pride Parade has become a Roosevelt tradition for faculty, staff and students,” said Rachel Ornstein, president of RU Proud. “We walk in solidarity to show that Roosevelt is a place where you can be yourself, no matter your gender or sexuality.”

Making strides toward preparing for this year’s parade, RU Proud held a tie-dying event on Thursday, April 23 in the student lounge on the third floor of the Wabash Building.

Students were able to express their creativity in dying white T-shirts, with the help from a professional team of experienced craftsmen that had set up shop in the lounge. The organization plans to sport its shirts during the parade in June.

“We wanted to make shirts we can wear specifically for the parade,” said Haley Ostrander, an RU Proud member. “It’s fun for anyone who wants to stop by and make one, but also it’s in preparation for the parade.”

With the celebration fast approaching, Ostrander said that most of the organization’s energy was focused on the planning of its role in the event.

Looking ahead, the organization has already begun to look into some of its options for the fall semester, according to Ostrander and Sarah Lamparski, another RU Proud member. The two members anticipate a lot of brainstorming over the coming months and confirmed that RU Proud already has some ideas in the works for students to look out for–both on and off campus.

“We’re hoping to plan and have a really big and extravagant drag show next semester, so thoughts are already starting with that whole process,” Ostrander said.

The drag show is an annual event for RU Proud. Apart from its more traditional work, the members of RU Proud also have plans to reach out further in the local communities surrounding the university.

“We hope to connect with CPS schools and work with other universities that have similar clubs on their campuses while making our presence more known on campus,” Lamparski said.

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