Indiana religious freedom law represents bigotry

Lauren Grimaldi

The newly passed Indiana religious freedom law has stirred up much controversy around the country since it allows businesses to discriminate against gay people.

Most people condemned the businesses that said it was against its religion to offer service to gay couples.

However, a Kickstarter was created for those homophobic businesses and a large sum of money was donated to “preserve their religious freedom.” These are two very different reactions to a very serious issue.

One has to realize that these business have no right to deny customers regardless of their sexual orientation, race, etc. In the end, because of the controversy, the law has since been reformed to say that discrimination is not OK under the law.

While the law no longer outwardly permits businesses to decide who they give service to, it’s still one that hints at a larger issue overall.
The argument that it can be against someone’s religion to serve or even support members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community is a fallacy. The basis for almost every religion is based on loving others and helping each other out.

So when people say it’s against their religion to support gay people, they’re just making poor excuses for their own ignorance.

They’ve been taught through the eyes of their faith that being gay is wrong, but yet they’re still taught to love one another despite any flaws. Condemning gay people for something that they are unable to change is not a very loving and supportive way to go about spreading your religion’s message of spreading love.

If your religion teaches you to love others, you cannot justify hating gay people on the sole basis of their orientation. Religion is supposed to teach people how to love and be better humans, hatred of those in the LGBT community is not a following of–it’s a following of ignorance and socially instilled homophobia.

There is no justification of discriminating against someone on the sole basis of their sexual orientation, race, gender, etc. Living with that sort of prejudice in your life isn’t healthy or beneficial to your well-being.

Let’s also keep in mind that the reason behind the change to the Indiana law isn’t based through goodwill. The proposed law caused many companies to withdraw their business from the state of Indiana all together until the law was fixed. So, it’s seems that the government didn’t suddenly change their minds and want to combat prejudice–they just didn’t want to lose money.

If those businesses hadn’t threatened to pull out of the state, maybe there never would have been an amendment made to the bill. Either way, it still should never have happened.

Those who discriminated against homosexual customers are on the wrong side of history and will continue to live in their unjustified ignorance.

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