Dream of a Elizabeth Warren presidency

By Lauren Grimaldi

As of right now, Hillary Clinton has no real competition for the Democratic nominee in 2016. Some media experts believe that she’s going to coast through this election and become the first female president of the United States.

While Clinton is a good candidate for the job, there is another candidate in the party with presents voters with a better choice.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., currently has a pretty substantial following of people who are willing to vote for her. While she hasn’t made an official decision to enter the race, it’s clear that if and when she does, many, within her own party, will be very thrilled to see her name on the ballot.

Warren fights for new policies on student loans, and she’s vowed to take down those Wall Street bankers who caused havoc in the economy not long ago.

Clinton may have the well-known name attached to her, but that doesn’t mean we should elect her without a second thought.

There’s no doubt that she would be a better representation of the American public than any of the candidates on the Republican side, but she lacks the authenticity and obvious empathy that Warren definitely has.
When you hear Warren speak, you feel that she actually means what she’s saying. I do believe that Clinton is concerned with the troubles America is facing. Clinton, at times, can seem as if she’s merely trying to please the people so they vote for her. It’s obvious that Warren doesn’t just want your vote. She wants to help, and she cares about the ideology that she puts for forth. I believe she’s not just doing it to get your vote.

One of the things that politicians struggle with most is looking like they can relate to and empathize with the average American. Clinton tries to present herself as an empathetic and relatable figure to American constituents, but it doesn’t seem to work. Despite her early life and relatively modest upbringing, it’s clear that all that’s happened since then has alienated her from the everyday American.

Warren is no common woman herself, but her attempts to seem like one are just a little bit more successful than Clinton’s. Warren fights to make the lives of the common people easier. She’s proven that she isn’t one to give up on a piece of legislation, when roadblocks fall on the path. She doesn’t take no for an answer.
Despite Warren not running in 2016, she would stand and fight everyday to better this country. She is the most authentic politician out there today and truly deserves to be more well-known.

Either way, keep in mind her name as the election coverage goes forth.

There’s still an extraordinarily long way to go until the ballots are cast. And yes, Clinton will probably be the Democratic nominee on that day.

A campaign announcement from Warren would certainly give the American public another option to think about. She’d certainly be worthy of that consideration. If she were president, she would use all of the power she had to make America a better place for the common person.

Warren says she’s not running, but we can dream of a Warren presidency for now After all, it may just be exactly what this country needs.

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