Roosevelt alumnus gives back to the community through basketball

Nonprofit organization Nomadic Soules plans to give back to the community this April with a 2K basketball tournament to help support the inner-city community.
The tournament will feature 2k basketball video games, 8 to 12 basketball teams and a clothing drive for participants to drop off items such as socks, clothes, shoes, etc. to give back to the Safe Gardens Mission’s Men’s Shelter.
Brandyn Denson, a Roosevelt University alumnus and founder of Nomadic Soules, discussed what the basketball tournament will entail.
“Nomadic Soules is doing the 2k basketball tournament again like we did last year at the school,” Denson said. “There will be a tournament for participants to hoop but a shoe, coat drive and sock drive for people to donate items. It is our way of giving back to the community.”
Founded in 2013, Nomadic Soules is dedicated to providing male youth a new purpose and outlook on life through community.
The goals for the event is to bring awareness, Denson says.
“The purpose behind the event is to get people to notice us and what we do as an organization,” Denson said. “It is a great way to get people’s attention and bring them together, tell them about our work and then get allow to participate in more than one way, supporting our cause.”
Homer Denson, co-leader of the organization and B. Denson’s brother, said there was an emphasis on gathering as many people as possible for the event.
“It is important to bring people out to support a cause,” H. Denson said. “Basketball has been getting a lot of attention lately, especially with these new shoes players are wearing, so we use that and basketball to our advantage and influence people to come see what we are really about.”
The event will benefit the different communities that will be involved in the tournament, especially Roosevelt’s community.
The aim is to give the student body the chance to assist and participate in this event, while also practicing Roosevelt’s social justice mission, B. Denson says
“As a former student at Roosevelt, I know that the school is big on social justice,” B. Denson said. “Working with the school brings great public relations to them, showing that they work with nonprofit orgs that support what they are all about. It can bring a lot of positive attention to Roosevelt.”
Nomadic Soules are planning for more future events with the university, organization officials say.
Nomadic Soules is also collaborating with another organization called By the Hand, an after-school program that strives for academic excellence, with the creation of a six-week program in the summer. The plan is to implement the collective efforts of each organization to help inner-city kids.
The 2K basketball tournament will be hosted at the Goodman Center in April, with a date and time to be announced shortly.

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