SPEED’s first Comic Con brings nerd culture to Spring Week

By Joelle Tatter

Comicon Attendees
Students Planning for Enrichment, Enlightenment and Development kicked off its annual Welcome Spring Week on March 31 with Roosevelt University’s very own Comic Con in the Goodmen Center.
Batman and his nemesis, the Joker, were present the entire time entertaining people, as Spider-Man swung over from his universe to say, “Hello.” Popular music played throughout the event, and guests had the chance to race each other in the “Adrenalize Rush,” which was an inflatable obstacle course, or challenge each other on “Wrecking Ball,” an inflatable on which four people stood in a circle on a raised platform and tried to knock each other off by tossing an inflatable wrecking ball at each other.
People drifted in and out, many of them curious about the event, others showing their support.
“I heard about it from a friend,” sophomore Jeremy Sheard said. “It sounded like a good way to show school spirit.”
Junior Allyssa Hankins explained that because the idea of a Comic Con at Roosevelt sounded appealing, she decided she couldn’t miss the opportunity to go.
“I am a nerd,” she said. “I love movies, especially ‘nerd’ movies, and when I heard [about] Comic Con, I decided I had to go.”
After the games, Batman and the Joker came up to answer questions, which were many and varied. At the end of the day, they had one final showdown, during which the Joker ended up taking a hostage and held her as ransom for the “money” placed in a stack behind Batman.
The ensuing fight ended with the hostage’s release back, safe and sound, with the Joker down on the ground, bruised and hurting, as Batman saved the day once again, and the audience cheered.
While certainly a lot of fun, Comic Cons aren’t the most well-known of events, despite having gained popularity over the past 10 years.
Erika Rainey-Williams, the sophomore student behind the event, explained why she choose to host this for SPEED.
“It’s in honor of Spring Week as a thing to do to celebrate the first week of spring,” she said. “I thought it would be something a little more original than what most schools do. I know and love nerd culture, so I thought this would be fun.”
Spring Week continued the festivities with Stomps and Prompts on Tuesday, a Massage Day on Wednesday and a Youtube Showcase on Thursday.

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