Crime Blotter: Chicago Colleges

By Latricia Wilson

The Roosevelt University Torch Crime Blotter includes coverage of incidents having occurred within the perimeters of Chicago’s North and South Loop college campuses. Incidents having occurred on or near University of Chicago Streeterville and DePaul University Lincoln Park may also be included in the Crime Blotter. Periodically, the passing of college students or faculty will also be included in this blotter.

Student choked unconscious in UIC dorm rape, prosecutors say
A man, who officials say raped a University of Illinois at Chicago student in a dormitory shower stall last Monday, choked her until she passed out twice during the attack, prosecutors said last Wednesday in court.
Twenty-eight-year-old Tavares Humphries also stole digital cameras, jewelry and other items before making his way to the dorm bathroom, prosecutors alleged.
Humphries was ordered to be held without bail by Cook County Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil.
Assistant Cook County Prosecutor Pierina Infelise said Humphries admitted to following someone into a dormitory on the UIC campus last Monday morning.
Humphries then entered a fifth floor restroom, where he was naked and began asking an 18-year-old woman taking a shower if he could borrow some soap, Infelise said. After the woman asked him to leave the bathroom, he proceeded to take a shower in a stall near by before entering her stall, the Chicago Tribune reports.
According to prosecutors, she screamed for help, but Humphries wrapped his arms around her throat until she was unconscious before he raped her.
The student regained consciousness and began to scream and struggle with Humphries, when he slapped her and again placed his arms around her throat, rendering her unconscious, prosecutors said.
Two witnesses who heard her screams entered the bathroom. One of the witnesses detained Humphries until police arrived, Infelise said.
The victim identified Humphries in a lineup. She was transported to UIC’s hospital and treated for injuries to her face, shoulders and back.

Columbia College Chicago accused of violating academic freedom of faculty member
The Illinois Conference of the American Association of University Professors accused Columbia College Chicago of violating the academic freedom of adjunct faculty member Iymen Chehade.
AAUP said Columbia College cancelled the course Chehade taught about the conflict between Israel and Palestine after a student complained that the instructor was biased.
The college asserted that it was a strong supporter of academic freedom and said the dispute stemmed from demands involving scheduling and enrollment.
On March 25, the AAUP aired its grievances in a letter to Louise Love, the college’s vice president for academic affairs and interim provost. The letter stated that Chehade learned last fall that he was the subject of a student complaint alleging that he had presented the material in his course in a biased manner.
The complaint was said to have followed the screening of “5 Broken Cameras,” a documentary film about nonviolent Palestinian resistance in a village on the West Bank.
The AAUP stated in the letter that the student complaint alleged there was bias in Chehade’s class “and a lack of balance in the introduction of course materials.”
In defense of professor Chehade’s selection of Broken Cameras, AAUP said in the letter sent to Love that “documentaries convey a message,” and “are not a book of facts.”
“To suggest that a film on the Middle East should contain no viewpoint or normative approach is unrealistic and risible,” AAUP said in the letter. “For any student or anyone else to suggest that a professor give equal time by showing another film places an undue intrusive burden on a faculty member.”
In the petition, “Respect Academic Freedom” created by Faten Dabis, additional gievances were aired to the Columbia College Chicago provost, the dean of School of Liberal Arts and Sciences and to the department chair of Humanities.
“Showing a movie depicting popular resistance to Israeli occupation does not constitute bias, and retaliating against a professor for engaging students about pressing social issues is a blatant violation of academic freedom,” stated the petition, which has more than 6000 signatures.

Racial slurs ‘yelled’ at people in DePaul Center
According to the DePaul University Crime Office, on March 25, a Criminal Trespass to Land Warning was issued to an offender yelling racial slurs at people at the DePaul Center.

Serial Lincoln Square, West Loop robbers face felony charges
A couple from the Near West Side admitted to committing a string of robberies in their own neighborhood and in Lincoln Square after falling on tough times, prosecutors said March 30.
Brian O’Connor and Sarah Doubek both of the 2200 block of West Madison Street,
were charged with five felonies each.
O’Connor and Doubek were charged with three counts of armed robbery with a dangerous weapon, one count of aggravated robbery and one count of attempted aggravated robbery.
The two began the the robbery crime spree after O’Connor lost his job as a waiter from Red Robin, and Doubek’s car was stolen, according to Assistant State’s Attorney Anastasia Harper.
The robberies began on March 22 when Doubek, armed with a hammer, and O’Connor, carrying a metal BB gun, walked around the 200 block of South Leavitt Street searching for someone to rob, Harper said.
Dressed in hats and gloves with scarves over their faces, the two targeted a Papa John’s delivery driver around 9:30 p.m., the Chicago Tribune reported.
They then demanded he hand over all his money, according to police reports.

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