Final song by MCR encourages fans to stay strong

By Hannah Kriss

“Fake Your Death”

Some people watch
Some people pray
But even lights can’t fade away.
Some people hope
Some people pay
But why’d we have to stay?
‘Cause even here
We’re scared to bruise
Or any misery you choose
You like to watch
We like to use
And we were born to lose

I choose defeat
I walk away
And leave this place
The same today
Some like to sleep
We like to play
Just look at all that pain

You want the heart
Or to be saved
But even good guys still get paid
So watch my back
And keep the blade
I think it got you laid
So fake your death
Or it’s your blame
And leave the lights on when you stay
Take off your clothes
And dream that fate
Come on and feel that shame

I choose defeat
I walk away
And leave this place
The same today
Some like to sleep
We like to play
Just look at all that pain

Just look at all that pain [x3]
Just give me all that pain [x3]

I choose defeat
I walk away
And leave this place
The same today
Some like to sleep
We like to play
Just look at all that pain

After 12 years together, My Chemical Romance released their final song titled “Fake Your Death” on Feb. 17. The release marks the band’s final song together, and what frontman Gerard Way calls a “eulogy” for the band.
My Chemical Romance formed in 2001 and hit it big when their song “I’m Not Okay” made teens everywhere swoon over the moody yet driving songs on the 2004 album “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge.”
Their subsequent albums, 2006’s “The Black Parade” and 2010’s “Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys,” dealt out song after song of heart-grabbing music, making you jump around your trashed room and scream until your little teenaged head couldn’t handle all of the wonderful angst getting stirred up in your underdeveloped body.
The band inspired many of us to always be ourselves, to develop outside of what was mainstream and to not let others hurt us or make us hurt ourselves. Hearing this kind of music as a tween in middle school was the perfect message that time will always keep moving, and you always have to make the best of it while you can.
A compilation of their greatest hits will be released in March, with “Fake Your Death” as a prelude to the ending many are sad to see show its skeletal face. It is the band’s personal farewell to its wide fan base, each little Killjoy-follower still wearing their best for the big parade.
The song, reminiscent of the musical styling of “The Black Parade,” opens with Way singing on top of uplifting piano music, and a beat kicks in shortly after. During the chorus, the band implies that their music was made to ease the pain of others and shows their sadness toward the end: “I walk away and leave this place the same today. Some like to sleep, we like to play; just look at all that pain.”
The band has said that they are sad to call it quits, but that it is time to move on to something different.
Way said this about the song in a recent statement: “So it will exist, and it is no cowardly act to release something of this nature, but a service to those who believed in a band that did not compromise, and a wave goodbye to all. And yes, it is f—ing heartbreaking.”
No matter the case, “Fake Your Death” is a simple but beautiful farewell from My Chemical Romance that will carry on their musical legacy and remind us to stay strong in their absence.

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