RU Ready for new courses?

By Samantha Reid

Rutgers University has “Politicizing Beyonce.” Stanford University will teach you how to develop your own iPhone app. The George Washington University even offers a class in Japanese Swordsmanship.
Roosevelt University may not be offering classes as unique as these, but the summer and fall course schedules offer a lot of variety. The Torch breaks down the highlights to select courses, including some classes that are a bit more eccentric than the traditional gen. eds.

ART 348: Pinhole to Camera Phone
Although it’s a 300-level course, Professor Mike Ensdorf is confident that students don’t need photography experience to succeed in this class, which offers hands-on experience in different mediums. The one-week intensive course “takes students through the history of photography, concentrating on a different era for each day,” Ensdorf said. Students can also expect field trips to local museums and galleries during the short but content-heavy class so that they can view real-life examples of the concepts they’ll be learning.

POS 351: Politics of Chicago
Students with POS 101 under their belts can spend this summer putting their basic political science knowledge into practice, analyzing the political situation of Chicago. Larger political concepts will be related to how they’ve affected the city, both historically and in present day. Professor Paul Green promises that the course will be of benefit to the politically-minded student: “Given Chicago’s history and its reputation for hard-nose politics — often called a ‘bloodsport” — studying Chicago captures so many of the social and economic issues that have impacted urban America.”

ENG 115: Exploring Literature: Comics & Film
Fans of “Watchmen” and “Sin City,” this is the course for you. While more traditional literature courses delve into the classics, this fall’s section will be analyzing the medium of comic books and their adaptations into film. Professor Ji-Hyae Park believes the study of comics is important because it is often overlooked. “There have been things comics creators have been able to ‘say’ in comics that they could not have said elsewhere,” Park said. “This is always important to study.”

MNOM 204: University Singers
Roosevelt is famous for its CCPA program, but what is there for students who love to sing but don’t want to pursue music professionally? The University Singers course. No prior singing experience is required for this course, which is also a fun way to fulfill a humanities requirement. It can also be taken up to two times for credit, meaning singers can stay with the ensemble for a full year. And the music doesn’t just stay in the classroom — University Singers conduct multiple live performances each semester. “Music uplifts your brain,” Professor Linden Christ said when asked how the class will benefit students. “Singing uplifts your spirit. University Singers is an hour of pure enjoyment.”

PSYC 203: Coping With Stress
Offered both in person and online, this self-help psychology course teaches students the practices of relaxation and mindfulness. Students will engage in activities like yoga and meditation as well as learning various techniques in time management and problem solving to reduce and cope with stress, as it inevitably comes up in both college and careers. “All students should be required to take this course,” Professor Jonathan Smith said. “Workshops aren’t enough. Stress interferes with class performance and contributes to illness.” Students of any major can sign up for Smith’s course and learn how to get their stress levels to a manageable level.

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