The problem of the 21st century

By M. R. Lewis

The problem of the 21st century is the silent extinction of one of the most beautiful creatures on Earth. No longer will the world know their magnificence. No longer will the world be moved by their strength. No longer will an entire race benefit from their imagination and true innovation. They are our brothers and sisters; our nieces and nephews; our aunts and uncles; our mothers and fathers. They are human beings — beautiful creatures of the planet Earth.
How we address this great problem will determine the freedom of millions. Where we stand today will determine the fates of countless generations. What we choose to believe, right now in this moment, will create the strongest faith or sustain the greatest lie. The problem will determine the lasting legacy of the human race.
The human being is a simple creature of this planet, endowed with natural rights. However, these rights have slowly been taken away and replaced with the rights of the citizen. So, what we see today is the subtle extinction of an incredible people.
The citizen, or the consumer, is a zombie. It is not their fault that they cannot recognize that their beautiful Earth is being transformed into a giant shopping mall. They cannot do anything about the violence or evil among them. The consumer is helpless against someone telling them what to do. The consumer cannot even recognize that he or she is a slave. While the consumer is programmed into a system of slavery — the human being — one who knows his or her natural freedom, is being replaced with the unconscious consumer.
Fortunately, the slavery of the consumer is not an obstacle for freedom. We, the human beings, know what real freedom is, and we know what is within our natural rights. Quite honestly, now is the time for us to claim it.
This is the time, because a human being cannot build on the Earth, his home, unless he has money. A human being cannot plant his own food, produce his own clothing, or provide for his own family unless he has this money or documentation.
A human being is forced to live in a broken society that will forever see inequality and injustice because the power has somehow shifted from the creator unto the created.
We all know that this society is not perfect. We know that the food is not always safe to eat. We know that our leaders are not always trustworthy. We know our corporations have more power than the government itself. We know that racism, homophobia, discrimination, hate and injustices exist and flourish in this society. We know that we are constantly being told what to buy, how to feel, who to like, who to hate, what to accept and when to be silent.
However, we cannot be silenced. If we choose not to participate, if we choose not to forfeit our natural rights, then we have the capabilities to be free. On our Earth is where we will erect the walls of our home. In our dirt is where we will produce the food we put into our bodies. The Earth is our canvas to make our imagination a reality, and the only barrier to freedom itself is ourselves.
We ought to know that now is the time to speak up and claim our rights. When we want to be free, then we shall be.
Who is stopping us?
We choose to no longer live alongside slaves. We choose to be free and happy, sad, angry, afraid, excited, hopeful, powerful and creative. We choose to see the stars and write our own destinies. We choose to live and let our voice be heard, because to live silently is not living at all.
In the words of W. E. B. Du Bois, we must “agitate, then, brother; protest, reveal the truth and refuse to be silenced… A moment’s acquiescence means a chance for the wolves of prejudice to get at our necks.” We, who choose to claim our freedom, must march hand in hand regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, class or sexual orientation. We must be impatient and declare our rights with immediate urgency.
What we call for is a revival. This is the time for human beings to wake up and triumph over the brain-dead consumers who pollute our home. Now is the time to take back the freedom that we are born with. Now is the time to be free.

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