Exploring your major with the College of Arts and Sciences

By Tom Cicero

Monika Gawlak, Rebecca Wilson, Odette Ojeda, Sam Martin, Samantha Benduha

Roosevelt University’s College of Arts and Sciences held its first-ever “Exploring Your Major” event this past Thursday, which aimed to help students who were still on the fence to decide which major would be a good fit for them.
The event, hosted by Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences Catherine Campbell, brought together students and faculty alike to have an open forum for students to ask each other about their still undecided majors.
“We design this event specifically for undeclared majors because we know sometimes people just need more information about what Roosevelt offers and different disciplines in the college so students can make a good, informed decisions about their future,” Campbell said.
Also included in the event was a student panel consisting of current students from the College of Arts and Sciences who talked about why they picked their particular major.
Monika Gawlak, a graduate student in the history program, shared her passion for the less-popular field.
“I love history because it’s people,” Gawlak said. “It’s really people and their experiences and their lives and their interactions with one another, [and] how they were shaped by their world and how they shaped their world. I never understood how people thought history was boring. I like making it fun and breaking it down.”
Rebecca Wilson, a sophomore biology major, was also part of the panel and seemed to show as much passion for her major as Gawlak had for history.
“There’s science around everything,” Wilson said. “There’s also a part of understanding where you want to understand the world, and that was my main thing coming into Roosevelt. Roosevelt is not known for its amazing science program. Roosevelt offers a lot of opportunities for people wanting to get involved in science.”
One of the other goals of this student panel, according to Campbell, was to inform students of majors that aren’t as popular at Roosevelt. According to Campbell, psychology is the most sought after major in the department, while the humanities are the least popular.
“I think certainly it’s not always so obvious what your career options are within the humanities,” Campbell said. “But there are endless career opportunities. Students need that information. You can take a history degree in all kinds of different directions.”
Students at the event were handed feedback sheets in order to improve future events of this nature. Additionally, Campbell hopes to expand the purpose behind the event.
“We’re going to be offering a course this summer,” Campbell said. “It will be a one credit online course focused on the world of work and helping students make good decisions. It will be focused primarily on the disciplines within the college, but anyone can sign up for it.”
With the help of Campbell, development and programs like these, the university aims to help the undecided make informative decisions that will lead to successful careers.

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