$80,000 marijuana investment goes wrong for three in Champaign, Ill.

By Latricia Wilson

Weed - Might look too much like tea, let me know

Inside a University of Illinois off-campus apartment complex, three men grew 21 pounds of weed worth $80,000. All three were taken into custody on Feb. 6 as their dreams of becoming marijuana drug lords were crushed.
The aspiring dealers — Steven Funes, Tristan Cowart and Matthew Divittorio — invested a ludicrous amount of money into their illegal pot distribution business.
Instead of making the nearly $300,000 they could have earned if they had actually sold their huge stash of weed, all three of these men earned a Class X Felony.
They also will be living the jailbird life, instead of the “Good Life” Kanye West raps about, in an off-campus prison residence for six to a maximum of 30 years.
The three wise guys that had $4,000 in cash and a small amount of cocaine confiscated from them by U of I police should not have taken such a huge financial risk into their weed business start up cost.
These men obviously didn’t contemplate being snitched on by a student in the U of I apartment complex that houses University of Illinois and Parkland College students.
While the three men were piling up on their weed merchandise, detectives had been working for weeks to obtain the search warrants.
It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that some resident who believes 309 E. Green St. residences should stay weed-free ratted the three geniuses out.
The majority of the cash the men invested in their cannabis crops could have been applied toward college tuition.
The young pot dealers didn’t even get a chance to break even before being charged with a felony that bars them from getting student loans for two years.
The good news for these guys is that they won’t have to worry about campus housing cost or tuition payments for the next couple of years.
Luckily for these men, the police have found them a cozy jail cell with bars where they will reside among hardened criminals where everyone’s rent is free.
Indeed, there is a bright side the three should look at in all of this, but the fact remains that the U of I drug dealers are still complete idiots.
The mistake they made should never be made again. They invested $80,000 in marijuana and were only holding $4,000 when they were hauled off to the pen.
I don’t condone drug selling or even getting stoned. I do feel, however, that if someone is going to invest in selling trees, they should not set up shop in a college campus apartment, and they should start off small.
If they had invested $800 into one pound and then got caught, they may not have been facing any jail time at all. But these wise guys wanted to get in the big leagues quickly, and as a result, the police took all their cash and their entire $80,000 stash.

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